Man Behind

By karlpox

ENGR ESTERLITO YAP SOBIACO, is a licensed and  graduate of Bachelor of  Science in Mechanical Engineering ( BSME ) and Bachelor of Laws ( LLB ) from the University of Mindanao ( UM ) in Davao City.

While still studying in college, and in 1971 when Martial Law started – he was the right hand and most trusted man and immediate assistant of the owner / proprietor of the Davao Security & Investigation Agency, Inc., (DASIA,INC), the leading private security agency ( PSA ) now in Mindanao. Engr Sobiaco was very instrumental in whatever success and tremendous growth and progress of DASIA until he left said PSA in 1995 , as the second top man in the organization being the Vice President and Operation Manager.

With his vast technical experiences, skill, ability and know-how in the intricacies of the management and operations of the security business industry and after he left DASIA , Engr Sobiaco despite of his meager resources, ably  founded and created the PHILGUARD SECURITY SERVICES, INC.  After 15 years , Philguard under the good leadership and  stewardship of Engr Sobiaco being the Licensee-Operator , became and able to garnered recognition as one of the group leaders,  in the industry.

Because of Philguard’s tremendous success,  few years ago,  it suffered some problem of intra –  corporate conflict. The business partner of Engr Sobiaco wanted to wrist and take control of the business.  Being a peace loving person and in anticipation of the worst scenario to come, Engr Sobiaco  established the SMART GARD SECURITY SERVICES, INC as a wholly own family business and sell / sold  all his business interest and goodwill with Philguard last December 2010 .

SMART GARD had been in business operations for almost five ( 5 ) now and is continuously growing and gaining more trust and confidence from all its various valued clientiles in Mindanao. Modesty aside, almost all of the former clients of Philguard already transferred its needs and contract of security services to SMART GARD including the security guards deployed.

Engr Sobiaco in tandem with his former Officers and Staffs with Philguard , is now the General Manager of SMART GARD SECURITY SERVICES, INC., and “the man behind” the scene being the true owner and financier.